Using Your Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer to Halt Creditor Harassment


Your Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer can help you stop creditor harassment, so use me.  That’s right.  Use me.

As your attorney can I can be the intercessor between yourself and harassing credit agencies.  Acting as your agent I can negotiate nicely with your creditors or play hardball.  Unlike most of the people who call to threaten you into paying them enormous sums of money each month at the expense of necessary items like good and gas, I do know the law.  I can explain where their tactics are in error or stand opposed to legal regulations.  In fact, I take great pleasure in doing this.

We Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers are well-aware of the more vicious tactics used by collections agencies and creditors to scare you into submission, and we know exactly how to fight them.  Collections agencies win because they sound important and ominous.  They verbally abuse clients, using guilt, shame, and fear to get what they want which is the most profit from your account as possible.  These collections agencies have purchased your debt for much much lower than your credit company would have given you the option of paying in settlement.  It is now up to them to squeeze out of you using creditor harassment techniques the most money they can possibly receive so that they can make a profit off of your account.

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People with excess money pay their bills.  People without money have to make choices.  Do you pay the electric bill or Chase Bank?  Do you buy groceries or pay American Express?  This is what is going on in the homes of millions of Americans each day–something that banks should have thought about as they raised interest rates while arbitrarily lowering available credit.  If I had a nickel for every time a bank lowered the credit limit just to plummet an individual’s FICO score for the sole purpose of being able to charge a higher interest DUE to the low fico score I would be Warren Buffet (or close).  They created horrific situations to counter their own poor decision making during the early 2000’s and now they have no sympathy for the little guy on the other end, fighting job loss and cost of living increases.  As a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer I see this every single day.  My clients are not spend-a-holics.  They aren’t frivolous people.  They are normal, everyday, hardworking Americans who fell on bad times.

Can I help you halt creditor harassment?  Absolutely!  I will be the man in the middle, as they say, helping to negotiate and settle your debts with a reasonable rate–or even create payment plans that you can live with.  I can prevent your phone ringing off the hook with “877” and “unavailable) numbers if you let me.  If you are a victim of creditor harassment and just want a single day of respite, contact me today.

This is one Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer who would enjoy the job!
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