Stop Foreclosure and Keep Your Home

sacramento bankruptcy attorneys stop foreclosure
Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys receive a lot of calls from families who want to save their homes using Chapter 13 bankruptcy protections.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy protections enable you to prevent foreclosure at any point prior to the sale.  You will still be obligated to continue making future payments to the mortgage company, but they may not foreclose in order to collect upon outstanding payments.  There is also an automatic stay put into effect the moment you file for bankruptcy that prevents the mortgage company (and all other creditors) from moving forward into any legal options they had intended to utilize against you.

Chapter 13 puts the case into the hands of a federal bankruptcy judge who will determine the repayment plan of any outstanding payments or debts owed to creditors.  Your creditors must accept the order of the courts.  They may not contact or harass you further.  All payments will be paid to a court-appointed trustee who acts as the intermediary between yourself and your creditors, ensuring that they receive their payments according to the court schedule.

Our Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers work with clients who wish to prevent foreclosure by preparing them for their court appearance, filing all of the paperwork required by the courts, and acting in your stead throughout the negotiations.

If you have received paperwork in regards to a foreclosure of your home, you must act immediately.  Foreclosure sales can happen all too quickly and you cannot file for Chapter 13 until you have gone to a credit counseling class mandated by the federal government.  We can put you in touch with a course in your area or even an online course that can get your started and on your way to a fair and interest-free debt renegotiation.

Not only can Chapter 13 stop foreclosure, but it can also prevent car repossession or have a repossessed vehicle returned to you.  Any outstanding revolving debts can also be reorganized interest-free by the courts.  Once the court has created your 3-5 year repayment plan your creditors cannot harass you or add interest to your burden.  What is not paid off within 3-5 years will be discharged.

If you are in a position where you have received a foreclosure notice, or even are fearful that your home loan modification may not be made permanent give us a call.  We can help you stop foreclosure and keep your home.

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