Stop Creditor Harassment in Sacramento CA

Creditor Harassment Sacramento Ca Young Couple

Dealing with Creditor Harassment in Sacramento CA

Are You Afraid to Pick up Your Phone Due to Extreme Creditor Harassment in Sacramento CA

Creditor harassment in Sacramento CA is one of the chief reasons why people walk through our doors. The types of stories that we hear from clients and potential clients are enough to get anyone’s hackles up. Individuals are being called at all hours of the night, regardless of laws preventing this behavior. They are being called repeatedly at work though they have made repeated requests to the agency not to do so. Friends and neighbors are being called, as are family members and sometimes even coworkers all in an attempt to shame or humiliate people into paying money they clearly don’t have towards a debt they cannot repay. One of the reasons we got into this line of work is because we don’t like bullies. They use fancy legal language to frighten people. They attempt to humiliate you and make you feel bad and ashamed of yourself. They will lie to you and try to make you believe that your unsecured debt can bring the Sheriff knocking on your door. Don’t let them fool you; this is patently untrue. This is a civil, not a criminal matter.

We take these creditors head on! We play their game and use the law to your advantage. Not only can we negotiate on your behalf to settle debt, but also we can assist you in filing for bankruptcy, which creates an “automatic stay” on all creditor harassment for the length of your bankruptcy. There are many different tactics we can employ when dealing with these agencies, both in and out of the courtroom.

These collections agencies have no shame. Many of the people in collections work on commission and therefore will use any and all tactics at their disposal to get you to pay on your debt. They have bought your debt for pennies on the dollar and wish to get you to pay four to five times what they paid for it. We know this. They know this. They know we know this and are much more willing to listen to reason when an attorney calls than if it is the individual for whom they are pursuing their creditor harassment in Sacramento CA.

Don’t wait another moment dealing with these people. They will only become more aggressive in their tactics. They don’t make money unless they can get you to pay, so they will keep you and your friends on automatic dial until they finally get you to slip up and answer their call. Free yourself from the burden of collections efforts by taking steps towards ending the harassment. Call one of our Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys today to find out how we can help you end creditor harassment in Sacramento CA.

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