Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Help You and Your Family the Fresh Start You Deserve

Chapter 13 Sacramento Bankruptcy Help

How a Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You

As Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys we are not exactly positioned to be on the Forbes fabulously wealthy list.  Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t exactly pay the same rates as corporate law, personal injury, or criminal defense. Most of us have what my college professor called “True Believer Syndrome”.  We went this practice area as believers in social justice.  I personally view debt relief as a service to my community and a contribution towards human equality.  When I can  help a family that saw their jobs fall away to layoffs stall foreclosure on their home using Chapter 13 I know I got into the right business.

A Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Chapter 13

When you are in a financial bind but are positioned to rise from your current circumstances, Chapter 13 can help. How? Let me tell you…

  1. Chapter 13 can prevent foreclosure on your home
  2. Chapter 13 can prevent car repossession or have a repossessed vehicle returned
  3. Chapter 13 creates an “automatic stay” from collections efforts
  4. Chapter 13 will effectively consolidate all loans and, secured and unsecured debts, and back payments into an interest free and affordable court approved repayment plan
  5. Chapter 13 gives you 3-5 years to pay back your debts and those that cannot be paid back in that time are discharged.


Our Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers can help you reset your debt!

There really is nothing in this world like a restful night’s sleep. Bankruptcy, especially Chapter 13, can provide that. Not only do you gain relief from creditor harassment, but also you have the knowledge that you will be making payments, you will be out of Chapter 13 in 3-5 years, and you will have the opportunity to rebuild your credit.
Bankruptcy can be a debt reset for individuals and families who fell into bad times–and let’s face it, in this economy that is not at all hard to do. We are all affected by the stagnating financial situation, high cost of living, and uncertainty of where it is all going. When our Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers, assist you in filing bankruptcy we are doing more than just ensuring that all the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s are crossed. We are helping you get back on your feet again with the support of both our staff and the US legal system behind you.

Stop Creditor Harassment

Stop creditor harassment today by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protections.  One of our Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys can assist you with your petition, as well as, help you work through your post-filing financial game plan.  We want you to succeed.   When you are able to alleviate your financial burden with our assistance it gives our spirits a lift and reminds us that we are on the right path.  When you allow us to help you, you help us.

When you file for Chapter 13 you receive an “automatic stay” from creditor harassment. This is one of the perks that most people say they enjoy the most about filing–they are able to tell their creditors that they have filed for protections and that they are no longer allowed to contact them again (if the courts have not done this already).

What a boost!?!

Our attorneys can help you stop creditor harassment and get your life back on track using legal protections.  Call one of our Sacramento bankruptcy help attorney’s today!

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