What We Can Do For You

bankruptcy attorney Sacramento Jeremy Winter
All good Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys have one thing in common, the desire to help people in need.

We understand better than most how the economic downturn has affected the average American.  Our legal team is here to help you become free from debt and restart your life.  All of our clients will be armed with the tools they need to get out of debt.

We provide:

  • Credit and debt counseling
  • Creditor harassment defense
  • Debt negotiation and settlement
  • Bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 11, Chapter 12) counseling, preparation, filing, and representation

Times are hard.  We know this.  Every day we see good people walk through our doors, people with stories that are all too tragic and all too familiar.  We see men and women who worked their entire life for a company only to see their whole world collapse in a single layoff that fell into a period of extended unemployment.  We’ve listened to stories from families who by all measurements would have appeared to be financially secure and impervious to disaster being laid low by a medical catastrophe that went uncovered by insurance.

We Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers do our best to find the most appropriate means for your situation to get you your “fresh start”, whatever that may mean to you. Whether your new beginning is one of total liquidation or one consisting of debt reorganization we believe it is our duty to make that happen.  What can we do for you?  We can put your feet on the path to a new and better financial future through a debt reset.

Whether you are looking for assistance in dealing with collections agencies or if you want to file for bankruptcy, we are here to help.  We can negotiate your debts and settle them on your behalf, or, in more severe cases, we can protect your home from foreclosure by assisting you with your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.  Our firm has handled every type of debt scenario imaginable and we can attest to the fact that there is no impossible situation.  You can be free of debt.  You can save your home from foreclosure or your car from repossession.  You can begin again.  Let us help.  Call or contact us today to get started on your path to freedom.

We’re Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers and we’re here to help.