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Requests for Sacramento bankruptcy information come through our website daily.  We get a lot of requests regarding fees, differences in the various bankruptcy chapters, length of time it takes, will it stop foreclosure, etc.We try to post a few times a week about the most common questions that people write or call in with, but if there is something that you cannot find on the website or blog feel free to call us.

This post will be a “quick” list of answers to commonly asked questions for Sacramento bankruptcy information.


  1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy protections is the only “total liquidation” form of bankruptcy available.
  2. There are exemptions for all forms of bankruptcy–even Chapter 7 (call us for list)
  3. Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables the individual filing to continue to pay on secured debts (such as mortgages)
  4. All bankruptcy petitions create an “automatic stay” from creditor contact/creditor harassment
  5. Chapter 13 can prevent foreclosure on a mortgage as long as the sale has not happened
  6. Chapter 13 can prevent automobile repossession and/or have the repossessed vehicle returned
  7. Individuals who do not meet “Chapter 13 criteria” may be eligible to file for Chapter 11 (call attorney for more information)
  8. Both Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 have debt repayment plans supervised by the courts with a trustee that acts as intermediary between the individual or entity and the creditors
  9. In general (unless there are extreme circumstances involved) student loans and tax liens will not be discharged
  10. Child support payments will not be discharged or lessened in bankruptcy courts

This is just a quick list of “answers” to requests for Sacramento bankruptcy information.  We also try to provide more detailed responses via our contact forms or in person.  We also use this blog to expound upon topics that people ask us about routinely, topics such as:

  1. The differences between Chapter 11 and Chapter 13
  2. The benefits of Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13
  3. Debt settlement, mortgage modification, or bankruptcy…which is the best option?
  4. How to stop creditor harassment
  5. How to stop foreclosure
  6. Dealing with the IRS
  7. Can bankruptcy suspend or halt lawsuits

Eventually, all of these topics will be covered on our blog so that you can do your research prior to meeting with an attorney.  Given our practice area many people assume that we push bankruptcy.  We will never do that.  When individuals walk through our doors we do our best to find solutions, and if bankruptcy is the appropriate solution we will suggest it.  When a mortgage modification or debt settlement would be a better solution we will suggest that.

As attorneys licensed by the California bar we have an obligation to our clients.  We cannot suggest legal options that are detrimental for the sake of making a quick buck.  The regulations that govern our profession protect you.

We are here to help.  Our attorneys have a great deal of experience handling bankruptcy and debt settlements.  Email or call us for Sacramento bankruptcy information.


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