Do You Need to File for Bankruptcy in Sacramento?

File For Bankruptcy In Sacramento

Let the Lawyers at Attorney Debt Reset Help You File for Bankruptcy in Sacramento


No one wants to file for bankruptcy in Sacramento. Bankruptcy is one of those words with very strong cultural connotations. We understand this. There is this idea that if you’ve filed for bankruptcy that somehow you are “irresponsible” or trying to get away with something and this prevents many citizens from seeking help where and when help is needed. The fact is that even our founding fathers got themselves into debt due to the economy of their time. Today, people are struggling to deal with an economy that fell flat on its face during the 00’s and has yet to recover. Families that used to have two breadwinners now have just one. Families that used to have employee group health plans must now pay medical bills out of pocket. You want to know why people file for bankruptcy in Sacramento? These are among the chief reasons why–not because they are bad with money or because they are irresponsible.


People file for bankruptcy because they have no other choice.


Our attorneys work every day to help people who have fallen onto hard times without help or assistance from their creditors/lenders.  We understand the nature of bankruptcy and do our best to help people just like you file for bankruptcy in Sacramento for the purpose of getting back on their feet and becoming productive again.  It is our hope that if we are able to somehow get the ball rolling again, the momentum can carry you down a path for a brighter, less harried, future.


Whether you are looking at Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, we can help you every step of the way–from finding and enrolling you in an approved credit/debt counseling group, to gathering your financials, to filing the protections, and representing you in a court of law.  We are also there to listen, to counsel, and (when needed) to encourage.  Our dedication to our clients doesn’t stop with the pounding of a gavel.  We ensure that you have what you need to move ahead in life debt-free.  That is our commitment to you.


If you are being harassed by creditors, falling behind on mortgage payments, and are desperate for a way out: call us.  We can help.  We will explain to you all of your options (including settlement), the pros and cons of each, and, should you choose,

we will help you file for bankruptcy in Sacramento.

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