Are You Being Harassed?

creditor harassment sacramento ca
Our Sacramento bankruptcy attorneys work each day with clients all over our region to negotiate with creditors, settle debts, and provide bankruptcy assistance and support for individuals all over the Sacramento and Sacramento areas who are being harassed by creditors and lenders.

This economy has affected everyone. Some families more than others. The last thing anyone needs is to be kicked while they’re down, and that is exactly what is happening all over the country by aggressive collections agents who would rather scare people than work with them.  Are you being harassed? If “yes” call us today and see how one of our Sacramento bankruptcy lawyers can help you!

Depending upon your financial situation you may have several options available to you in order to stop harassment.  By retaining the services of an attorney you gain the option of having the collections agencies cease and desist with harassing calls to you and your friends and family, speaking only through your attorney.  This is a service we perform for a great many clients whose debt burden is not sufficiently high enough that the individual or family wishes to file for bankruptcy.  If the collections agent has broken the law, as many of them do, we can work as your advocate to see that this behavior is penalized.

Bankruptcy is the most effective means of stopping all forms of credit and collections harassment.

By filing for bankruptcy you receive what is known as an “automatic stay” from collections efforts. That means that collections agencies and creditors are prevented by law from contacting you.  They may not continue foreclosure efforts.  They may not repossess your vehicle.  They may not call you or anyone you know looking for you.  They may not send you harassing or threatening letters by mail.  All future dealings between you and your creditors will be conducted through the courts and the court-appointed trustee.

You don’t need to fear collections harassment any longer.  There are legal options that you can take to rid your life of unwanted calls and letters forever.

Contact us today to speak with a compassionate Sacramento bankruptcy attorney.